What to see and do in Cusco?

Cusco, mystic sacred city, considered the capital of the Tahuantinsuyo Empire with a great historical and architectural legacy. Surrounded by beauty green valleys with imposing tourist attractions, culture and tradition. Known as the navel of the world for being the political and territorial center of the Inca Empire, the department of Cusco shows us its magic trough its streets, temples, and Inca vestiges. Many travelers ask us What to see and do in Cusco?

There are things that will inevitably be part of your journey like the hundreds of cobblestone streets with stories to tell, the craft markets, the stone of the twelve angles, the great cathedral and several of the churches that will cross your path. Now I will describe you the most recommended things to browse in the city:

San Blas Neighborhood

This is an obligatory place of passage. Starting from the Main Square through the Andean narrow streets, after a few steps uphil you will find a beautiful traditional neighborhood called San Blas . The tourist atmosphere as well as the Andean and romantic will catch you while you can see the city from above and here you will find the most beautiful paints in Cusco.

San Pedro Market

One of the most varied and exotic places in terms of regional foods and products. Fresh coca leaves, pure cocoa, coffee of the best quality, fruit juices and typical dishes are just some of the things you will find. Ideal to fill with provisions if you want to save money.


Going up the stairs and along the winding road that goes in the direction of the Christ that observes the whole city you will find the fortress of Sacsayhuaman. The first approach you will have with the Inca archetecture before going to Machu Picchu. Galleries, steps, and windows made of stone are the main attraction, as well as a large esplanade to relax the view. Also you can enjoy taking photos of girls in colorful and traditional outfits walking with llamas, but please take note that taking photos is not free.

Temple of the Moon

Not far from Sacsayhuaman you will find the archaeological remains of the Temple of the Moon. While several tours take you only in passing if you go by your own you can stay longer and find yourself on the road with the authentic archaeological remains.

Cusco Natural museum

At Main Square, next to the cathedral there is a faculty that has a discreet museum. In it you will see natural fauna and flora of the area, but you will also be struck by the mutants, beings with two heads and several legs that are hidden among their collection. Bizarre and very interesting.


The one that was originally the Temple of the Sun and where later the Convent of Santo Domingo was built. Currently one of the most interesting temples in the heart of the city of Cusco. Remember that here starts the Feast of the Sun on june.

What to do in Cusco? More interesting information:

Negotiate, bargain and talk.This is my first tip.

Horse ride

At Main Square or agencies you will find the option of doing this walk through the heights of Cusco, not far from the city. Also you can take this service at Sacsayhuaman and enjoy the road and the natural landscapes.

Street food

Taste Antichuchos, a typical dish that you will identify of grilling in the streets. Another dish is the famous Adobo based on pork and fried potato that is very consumed in Cusco. Patasca is a very delicious south soup, found mostly in popular markets. Be careful with artisanal cheeses, if you are not sure of their hygiene or origin I advise you not to consume them. You can not miss the tamales, a very tasty corn dish and the artisan breads and empanadas will definitely delight you. Especially do not miss the fabulous fruits and vegetables of this region. Sounds great! Let´s taste every traditional dish.

Night life

Perhaps one of the most attractive and varied in South America. Cusco offers nightclubs or discotecs of all categories and with different musical styles frequented by tourists from all over the world. Do not miss the free passes and free drinks tickets that are distributed at nightfall in the Main Square.