The Benefits of Bike Riding

Hello friends already know the practice of the sport that mountain biking with certein frequency is beneficial for the human body inside this is the MTB, besides being fun it is very favorable for the health, improvement prevents the back pains, when practicing mountain bike stimulates the muscles of the dorsal vertebrae making them work constantly when pedaling since these muscles are difficult to work in any other sport besides the mountain bike, can even help strengthen the musculature and increase the layers of recovery of the bones and joints. They lubricate better and get more flexibility this benefits to athletes who want to return to sports practice, increases lung capacity significantly, helps achieve a more effective breathing with an increase in blood oxygenation that our body will appreciate.

Improvement The Immune System The muscular work that is carried out with the MTB involves a breakdown of muscular fibers, to compensate the effects of this effort the immunological system initiates a process of inflammation that allows to regenerate and create new fibers for a next occasion in which it is submitted the body to a situation of similar stress, also the white blood cells in our body are mobilized immediately during exercise to kill diseased cells, viruses, bacteria and other unwanted individuals that run through our body.


We all know that a motivation to practice sports is to lose weight and be in shape the MTB allows to burn fat and tone the muscles preferably accompanied by a balanced diet what allows a good control of weight.


Riding a mountain bike regularly leads to a healthy heart and reduces up to 20% the possibility of contracting a heart attack, according to studies this is explained as follows, the heart is a muscle that can be trained and effort that requires the sports practice of height of the hills and the lower possibility of oxygen causes it to get accustomed to a greater demand, the thickness of the heart grows, the ventricles grow in size and the oxygen requirements reduce to perform the same activities as before , the levels of bad cholesterol in our blood will be reduced thus avoiding future problems of obstruction and our blood vessels happiness as in the case of the immune system.

After the process of muscular regeneration our body releases endorphins, neurotransmitters that act as natural analgesics that relieve us and give us a feeling of well-being and exaltation.


The practice of MTB. streamlines the brain according to psychology today, mountain biking helps to create larger structures inside our brain and accelerate synaptic connections between neurons, furthermore recent studies have shown that the use of MTB also promotes the increase in density of the white matter in the brain which allows the multiplication of brain connections.