Palcoyo: Rainbow Mountain alternative of Cusco the full day trip

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  • Palcoyo
  • Stones forest

While the mountain of 7 colors or Rainbow Mountain (VINICUNCA),  has a great reception of many tourists a day, only 3 hours away to the south there is not one but three mountains of colors resting in full solitude. Red, ocher, with green stripes, light blue, oranges is the dazzling Palcoyo mountain range and its forest of stones, It is visited by a few travelers a day. Reaching it requires only a gentle 40 minutes walk without any unevenness, transforming it into a less demanding alternative to the long trek to Vinicunca.

From Cusco, you must travel by vehicle for about 3 hours to the southeast in the direction of the District of Combapata. Before reaching the village, turn right, just where the colonial bridge is, then follow the dirt road for approximately 1 hour, until you reach a parking lot

From the parking, you can already see the colorful mountains, but if you want a better view, at a slow pace you can arrive in 45 minutes to the viewpoint of the Cordillera de Colores Palcoyo in the same place next to a wonderful Stone forest that calls attention is about those peaks of rock from the height that looks like a true geological labyring or to the legend of the Inkas soldiers turned in stones called (PURURAUCAS).


  • Privative transport that we pick you up from your hotel and back to your hotel.
  • Guide in English and Spanish.
  • Lunch.
  • Entrance ticket.

Be aware that tour is available from March until November, because during the high plateau winter the hills are covered with snow and the rains make access difficult to appreciate the beauty of these mountains.