Cusco – Alpaca Lares Valley – Cusco (1day)

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Fabulous downhill various kilometers along a rarely used Inca trail are some of the things we will enjoy on this one day trip, which leads us to join an ancient road between two important valleys in the Cusco area.

Day 1: Valley of the alpacas

This is one of the most amazing trails in Cusco that we found a few years ago and it goes from the Sacred Valley to the Lares Valley. Yes, today we will make our first pass of the Cordillera Vilcanota from the high lands of Ollantaytambo to the hot springs of Lares. This trail that we found a few years ago is a truly epic adventure. We start riding at an elevation of 4,300m (14,108 ft.) with a climb of 150m in 5Km. (not that bad!). Then comes a LONG descent from the top of the mountains to the hot springs of Lares where we will enjoy the rest of the afternoon relaxing on those therapeutic pools. At the end of the day, we will set up our campsite next to the hot springs and then set up the fire.

Distance: 25km.

Total climbs: 160m.

Total descent: 1 800m.

Average time: 5 hrs.

Elevation between: 2 750 and 4 450m.

Early in the morning after breakfast, we leave Cusco city to return to the Sacred Valley riding the famous Inca trail from Lares to Sacred Valley. We start from the top of the mountains at an elevation of 4,450m (14,600 ft.) descending all the way to the Sacred Valley following this amazing ancient Inca trail. We pass through different type of terrains until we reach the town of Calca in the Sacred Valley. After lunch, we will go for one more descent and discover more Inca sites!

Distance: 29km.

Total climbs: 25m.

Total descent: 2 300m.

Average time: 5 hrs.

Elevation between: 2 970 and 4 450 m.